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Aurora Cover final low resDot to Dot in the Sky, Stories of the Aurora
Multiple award winner
Whitecap Books, 2016
Illustrated by Lorna Bennett
Age Level: 9-13
ISBN: 978-1-77050-210-9

High above Earth, glowing bands of color dance, shimmer, and soar across the night sky. Whether you know them as the northern or southern lights, auroras are one of nature’s most dazzling spectacles. It’s hard not to marvel—why do they exist? Joan Marie Galat explores the answer in this addition to the Dot to Dot in the Sky series, revealing the incredible cosmic circumstances that lead to such brilliant displays of light.

Find out what happens when solar winds strike the Earth’s atmosphere and electrical and magnetic forces react together. Then go back in time to discover how ancient cultures explained the mysterious lights. Meet a Norse frost giant that refuses to marry, a chief who follows his son across the Milky Way, and a seven-headed monster yet to lose a fight. From celestial fires to dancing spirits, auroras have taken many meanings over time. These rich tales, with stunning illustrations and full-colour photographs, are the perfect way to discover this spectacular phenomenon for yourself.

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Resource Links Magazine – review excerpt: “Clear graphic art and gorgeous photographs reinforce the readable text. Original artwork by Lorna Bennett brings the legends to life. This recommended title would make a welcome addition to any school or classroom library. Sections could be used in science, art, language arts, and social studies classes.”

Foreword Reviews – review excerpt: “Galat gives a thorough survey of different peoples’ beliefs about signs in the sky…This beautiful book, enhanced by Lorna Bennett’s illustrations, holds two ideas in perfect tension: the aurora is a comprehensible scientific phenomenon yet remains a mysterious force that provokes universal wonder.” Read more


Dot to Dot in the Sky, Stories of the Zodiac
Multiple award winner
Whitecap Books, 2007
Illustrated by Lorna Bennett
ISBN: 1-55285-805-7
Age Level: 9-13

It’s fun to look skyward and know the stories that originated when people first gazed at the same star patterns we see today. Find out the difference between astronomy and astrology, and how to jump between star groups to search for the zodiac constellations.


img4Dot to Dot in the Sky, Stories of the Moon
Award winner
Whitecap Books, 2004
Illustrated by Lorna Bennett
ISBN: 1-55285-610-0
Age Level: 9-13

Around the world, people have gazed at the Moon, telling stories about mythical gods and ancient heroes to explain its mysteries. Stories are from Greece, Africa, Mi’k Maq, Korea, China, Russia, Japan, England, and Polynesia.


Dot to Dot in the Sky, Stories of the Planets
Whitecap Books, 2003
Illustrated by Lorna Bennett
ISBN: 1-55285-392-6
Age Level: 9-13

This mix of science and storytelling enables you to discover mythical heroes of the night sky. Fascinating tales associated with each planet are based on Greek, Roman, and other characters and stories involving heroes.


Dot to Dot in the Sky, Stories in the StarsDot to Dot in the Sky, Stories in the Stars
Whitecap Books, 2001
Illustrated by Chau Yu and Ju Wang
ISBN: 1-55285-182-6
Age Level: 9-13

The night sky is filled with heroes, wild animals, and adventure. This astronomy guide combines ancient Greek and Roman myths with constellation identification. Fifteen constellations are portrayed in this fun guide to mapping the sky.