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Classroom Activities using the Dot to Dot in the Sky book series.

  • Host a star gazing party!
  • Debate whether horoscopes are a logical way to classify personality types.
  • Practice storytelling using the myth that matches your sign.
  • Make dot-to-dot activity pages.
  • Compare ancient Greek to Roman gods.
  • Explore the impact of light pollution and how you can help preserve the dark night sky.
  • Discuss how ancient people created myths to explain things they did not understand.
  • Write a myth to explain something you find puzzling. 
  • Write a paragraph about an astronaut you find interesting.
  • Write a paragraph about the questions you would like to ask International Space Station astronauts.
  • Library program
  • Teacher's Guide - Dancing Lights, Exploring the Aurora Through Art and Writing
  • Make a Pastel Aurora
  • Make a Planet Mask
  • Make a Cloud Mobile
  • Make a Comet
  • Make a Moon Habitat
  • Posters and activity books

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