The Discovery of Longitude


Discover the fascinating story behind one of the most important changes to nautical navigation in this nonfiction book for young readers. More than 300 years ago, explorers wandered the seas at the mercy of starless nights and stormy weather. They followed the shoreline, navigating by recognizable landmarks and the stars, but often became lost or wrecked on the rocky coast.

What they needed to know in order to navigate safely was the longitude of their location, but for that they needed accurate timekeeping. Unfortunately, no accurate source of time measurement at sea existed.

ISBN: 9781455616374
32 pages
Published by Pelican Publishing Company, 2012
Picture book for ages 5-8

Winner of:

– Writers Guild of Alberta: R. Ross Annett Award for Children’s Literature (2013)
– Silver Moonbeam Award: Nonfiction Picture Book (2013)

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The Discovery of Longitude – Teacher’s Guide by Diana Cruchley.

Alberta curriculum connections

All grades:

  • the research process
  • appreciate multiple points of view
  • reading and writing
Grade five:
  • longitude and latitude
  • geographic thinking
  • directions to locate places on maps and globes