Back Cover Endorsements

"Looking up at the Moon has inspired explorers and dreamers for eons, floating as a beacon of endless mystery. It lured me into space. The largest Dot in the night sky is the Moon, and its facts and mysteries are beautifully connected in Dot to Dot in the Sky, Stories of the Moon. “
Chris Hadfield, astronaut

"Connecting dots in the night sky is a sensible first step to begin exploring Earth, where we live among the stars.”
Roberta Bondar, scientist, physician, astronaut, photographer

“This  is an excellent book (Dot to Dot in the Sky, Stories of the Planets). It’s very interesting to read about the mythological stories behind the names of the planets of our solar system, as well as the planetary facts. I appreciate that Joan Marie Galat is very careful in making the important distinction between the myths and the facts of what we know today. I believe that star gazers of all ages will be fascinated by these stories.”
Julie Payette, astronaut

"As a Sagittarian, was I predestined to coach university archery and to be launched like an arrow into the sky? Mythology and astronomy will always connect ancient lives to ours and Dot to Dot in the Sky (Stories of the Zodiac) is a remarkable story of how and why."
Roberta Bondar, scientist, physician, astronaut, photographer

"This book makes sense of the constellations of the zodiac and explains their significance in terms of both astronomy and astrology ... The author describes the yearly journey of the sun, moon, and planets through these groupings of stars in an informative and interesting way."
James Foster, PhD, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

“Love, hate, jealousy, revenge—these are the basic elements of the original soup opera of the sky that plays out every night above our heads. Joan Marie Galat tell the colourful tales of mythological creatures seen among the stars by ancient skywatchers and adds the modern drama of exploding supernovae and alien planets found within the same constellations today. This stargazers’ companion brings the night sky to life with the full story of your zodiac sign.”
Bob MacDonald, Host of CBC Radio’s “Quirks & Quarks"