Meet Joan

Much of the writing I do is for adult audiences but more people know me as an author of children’s science books. Some call me the star-lady because of my astronomy titles and passion for the night sky. I enjoy delivering presentations on my book topics and promoting literacy, as well as showing others how to find their way around the night sky.

Writing for children is a passion, perhaps because I enjoyed reading so much while growing up. Now I write the kinds of books that first intrigued me, as well as titles that reflect my current interests. My biography goes into all the details.

As a freelance writer and editor, I get to explore a variety of subjects, from agriculture to zoology, and many topics in-between. Some days see me delivering writing workshops; other days find me editing a client’s annual report or business correspondence. Every day brings new writing experiences and I’m never bored. Highlights have included writing an Internet cartoon, an educational poster, and radio and video scripts.

When not writing, editing, presenting at schools, or providing training, I enjoy reading, stiltwalking at festivals and other events, swimming, stargazing, camping, and nature.