Night Sky Events

Presentations for:

  • mixed ages
  • scout groups, star parties, corporate events
  • anyone interested in the night sky

I love sharing my passion for the nights sky with audiences of all ages. Whether the night is clear or cloudy, I can deliver astronomy presentations that offer a blend of facts and storytelling. Ask about laser-pointer stargazing sessions for schools, scout groups, star parties, and other dark sky events.

Dot to Dot in the Sky
This introduction to astronomy offers both modern science and the stories ancient cultures once told to explain the night sky. Discover how to locate constellations and tell the difference between stars and planets. Joan’s enthusiasm for stargazing is contagious and leaves participants ready to explore the mysteries of the night sky on their own.
Based the Dot to Dot in the Sky series published by Whitecap Books.


Dark Matters frog cover low resDark Matters – Nature’s Reaction to Light Pollution.
From nesting turtles to migrating birds, light pollution affects more than just humans. Join Joan to learn about how our need to light the world affects species that take their cues from the moon and the stars.
Based on Joan’s book, Dark Matters, Nature’s Reaction to Light Pollution.



Look Up! (outdoor presentation)img2
Discover how to go Dot to Dot in the Sky to jump from one star group to the next. This outdoor stargazing session will show you what you can see in the night sky from your location. Enjoy laser guided naked eye astronomy or bring binoculars for a closer look. The night sky is for everyone.



Aurora Cover final low resNorthern Lights and the Nature of Night
Early cultures looked up at the same night sky we see today, seeking connections between what happened on Earth and what occurred overhead. They told stories to explain the shimmering northern lights and other night sky phenomena. Discover the science and legends of the lights, as well as the relationship between art, science, and nature in our Earth-sky environment.