AuroraCover_v3_press FINAL COVERWorkshops – adult audiences

I offer professional development workshops and presentations for conferences, public libraries, graduations, school functions, and other events. Topics and descriptions are detailed on my freelance writing, editing, and training website: MoonDot Media.

Writing & Storytelling Workshops – students

WordPlay for Teens

Teens discover how to explore and grow their creative writing abilities by turning everyday events into treasured tales packed with punch. Expect a creativity warm-up, idea-generating activity, and time to write the first draft of an unforgettable story.

Stories in the Stars (Grades 3-12)

If the thought of writing makes your class groan, schedule this workshop to show how writing can be fun. Students enter the room with a blank piece of paper and leave with the first draft of an exciting space-themed story.

Tell a True Story (Grades 3-12)

Everyone has interesting tales to share. Students learn how to come up with writing ideas and organize their facts to tell a true personal story, complete with a beginning, middle, and end.

What’s the Big Idea?

How do you help students write a story when they don’t know how to begin? And once they start, how should they end the thing? This workshop helps students think of ideas, overcome the first blocks to writing, and get thoughts organized. Students discover how to create an idea list, outline their choice, and get started. The session begins with a fun creativity game that sets the mood for muse!

Write a Newspaper Article

Reporters get to ask all the nosy questions! In this session, students learn how to ask good questions, sequence information, and hook readers. Participants enjoy the opportunity to get answers to questions they care about—Why isn’t recess longer? Who decides the hot lunch menu? Why can’t kids be in charge?

Write an Alphabet Book

A good alphabet book is more than just a list of letters and words. Students of all ages enjoy exploring the A to Z of following a theme to write an alphabet book, as we create a fun alphabet-based story together. Dictionaries required.

Create a Myth

Ancient myths were first told to explain things people did not understand. Students discover how to use their own curiosity to write a story that makes sense of a mysterious occurrence.

Finding Facts (Grades K-2)

What’s so fun about facts? Students find out by learning how to express what they already know. Everybody contributes in this fun group writing effort.

Storytelling Workshop (Grades K-2)

Oral storytelling is the first step to story writing. Students discover how stories can have parts that are both true and make-believe. Everyone participates as the class builds a story together.